History of Kettles - Kings

On my sojourn in Scotland in 1995 I traveled a lot, and I discovered a number of old burial-places and huge menhirs which are very frequent in Scotland. I was also enchanted by old tombstones and their ornaments. At one burial-place I imprinted the texture of several tombstones into ceramic clay and I baked these plates at the Glasgow School of Art, making a positive from this matrix. I further freely worked with these imprints which I used for the surface of huge kettles inspired by Scottish nature, people as well as the ancient culture.

On my way to the Northern Sea I visited one old fortified settlement. It was where King Fergus Mor governed in the land called Daldriada. When I traveled around islands in Northern Scotland (Skye, Lewis and Harris), the names of villages in Gaelic reminded me of the poetic and at the same time dignified name of Fergus Mor and his kingdom Daldriada. I wrote them down and later used them for names of fictitious kings and their kingdoms. Places such as "Morven" or "Mhór" may have very little significance today, but in my world they are truly becoming royal names.

Upon my return home, I reconsidered everything after a while and I made my kettles - kings of glass, saddled them, added wheels and set them out on their own journeys..

Names of all 6 kings:

  • Fergus Mor of Daldriada
  • Ardcharnich Str?lamas of Coalacrain
  • Baile Akien of Dail Mor
  • Scarasta Mhór of Rathat Grinnibhat
  • Morven Clai Moor of Ptarmigan
  • Barabas an Clachan of Kilmur
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